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Patient Experiences


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Thousands of people have enjoyed the results of their experience at the Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Their personal stories are inspiration and enlightening for those who are thinking about taking their own journey toward better health and well being.

Hear their own stories of triumph over weight issues and how bariatric surgery has changed their lives.

Before & After Photo Gallery

Many of our patients have amazing stories to share. And what better way to show the amazing results bariatric surgery has had on their lives than to show the telling Before & After images they have sent us.

Informational Videos

Hear first hand how bariatric surgery and our lifestyle programs and ongoing education classes have changed the lives of some of our patients.

Not just a pretty face...

My issues with being heavy go back as far as I can remember say maybe 2nd grade or so when I started to think of ways to get more food.

Ironically, my mother was a professional body builder. She was Ms. Florida, Ms. Tallahassee, and Ms. Southern USA. To say discussing health was common would be a severe understatement. My father on the other hand is a “three square meals per day” kind of guy. Though born in Washington State I was raised in Florida by my mother and stepfather, who is also very athletic.

From the age of two until about twelve, I would visit my biological father in Washington, a few times a year. These visits were somewhat of a ‘food vacation’. Instead of having all of my meals monitored by my mother I was encouraged to eat whatever I wanted by my father. Bacon and eggs, root beer floats, macaroni-...

Life Changing Results

You asked me to send you a description of how Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery has changed my life. To be honest, it would be easier for me to list the few ways in which my life hasn't changed. I'll do my best, however, at giving you some specific examples.

Professionally: My confidence level has dramatically increased. Recently, this has resulted in a new career with significantly more responsibilities including greater public presentation opportunities. I am no longer reticent about getting out and meeting new people or presenting to large groups.

Medically: I no longer take any form of hypertension medications and I'm no longer considered pre-diabetic. Both my blood pressure and blood sugar are well within the normal range. I have even found that my body handles stress better. Three...