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Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

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Another option for restricting the amount of food that can be taken in is the Adjustable Gastric Band. Using this procedure, surgeons at the Metabolic Medicine and Surgery Institute place an inflatable band around the upper portion of the stomach. This band creates a new, smaller pouch that is about one ounce in size. The small pouch makes you feel full with just a small amount of food.

The rate of loss is controlled by the size of the opening of the band. Doctors can adjust the size of the opening by inflating the band’s bladder with saline. Since the band is adjustable, your rate of weight loss can be controlled so that it is healthy and doesn’t become disruptive to leading a normal life as you lose weight.

One of the advantages of the Adjustable Gastric Band as it is also known, is that there’s no cutting or stapling required. The band is added laparoscopically by surgeons at the institute, so it is minimally invasive. Instead of one large incision, the band is applied through several small incisions. This greatly reduces the recovery time and allows you to start losing your excess weight more quickly.

The weight loss and weight management experts at the Metabolic Medicine and Surgery Institute at Florida Hospital Celebration Health are actively involved in addressing the alarming rate of obesity in the world and members of our team participate in global sessions addressing the many health and lifestyle issues caused by obesity, which affects an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide.

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