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Welcome to the Bariatric Online Seminar for Florida Hospital’s Obesity Medicine & Surgery Institute. Our promise to offer you the best in bariatric medicine and weight loss surgery is proven with our prestigious practices and accolades. Here we’ll show you how our world-renowned surgeons and their team will get you well on your way to a healthy weight. Our online presentation is designed to enlighten and inform, walking you through everything to be expected as a patient of our bariatric program.

At the end of each informative section, you will be asked a question pertaining to section’s content to help ensure that you’ve made the most of your visit with us today. Answer correctly and move on to learn more!

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360 Program Difference

At Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute, fighting obesity with the help of minimally invasive surgery is only the beginning of our “whole person” approach to wellness and weight loss. We provide you with more than just a surgeon. We offer the utmost care and lifelong support through a clinical care coordinator, psychologist, nutritionist, social worker, exercise physiologist, pastor and team of nurses, all specialized in caring for bariatric patients.

At the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute, we strive to exceed all patients expectations, offering:

  • top-tier facilities,
  • state-of-the-art equipment,
  • a superior team of experts,
  • excellence in research and education, and
  • leading-edge techniques.

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